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Monday, 3 August 2015


I've always been one of those angry people to pick on the flaws of Singapore during my teenage years.  Since last August, I started living in the UK for my studies. After being away for quite some time, I found myself starting to appreciate Singapore more and more.

Could it really be that '"The grass is always greener on the other side"? I don't know. I have visited the UK many times for my holidays but living here felt completely different. The me that once loved everything about UK disappeared and I started yearning for Singapore constantly. Could it be that I am homesick? Ha.

Whatever the reason is, the current me is filled with "Singapore Pride" whenever I hear people talking about how great my country is. I even get slightly emotional to the song, "Home" by  Kit Chan.

I wish I could be back home to celebrate the nation's Jubilee weekend with all the other Singaporeans. How great would it be! Flying back to home with Singapore Airlines and seeing the words "Welcome Home" while arriving at Changi Airport.

Sorry if this post is not well written or happens to offend anyone, It's difficult for me to express myself properly.

Happy 50th, Singapore. 

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