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Saturday, 11 April 2015

National Sibling Day

* National Sibling day is on the 10th of April*

Siblings! You can love them or hate them, but they will be a big part of your life, especially if they are older than you. I have an elder sister who is two years older than me. Which means that she is the only person that I have known for my entire life since birth, besides my parents.

I am a person with super bad memory so I don't exactly remember a lot.

One very distinct memory is when we were younger and sitting in the back of the car, my sister would always hug me and call me her 萝卜抱枕. (It means carrot bolster [..and if you don't know, bolster is something you hug to sleep, like a long pillow.) Now that I think of it, it makes me laugh -- in a good way -- because that seems so cute.

Showing physical affection towards my family was so much easier when we were younger. But as we grew from little children into our adolescent stage it became lesser and instead, we found it so much easier to show our frustrations with each other. I blame it on the computer, we used to only had one computer and both of us was so into playing stupid online games and constantly fought over it. (e.g maple story, pangya sea, runescape) We even fought over really silly things, such as who gets to use the shower first and this one time my sister actually hit my head with the shower-head (i think? i have really bad memory).... it did not end well, lol!

Fast forwarding everything to now, I am glad and proud to say that my sister and I have a really close relationship. My sister have always been really nice to me, she brings me out every now and then, pay for my meals. (Start of cheesy sentence /cue tissues) It is only until recently that I really realised how much she means to me in life.

During my recent trip back to Singapore, she took an off day for me and we hung out the whole day. I also mentioned about wanting Sugar's image on a pillow so I can have her with me when I am back in the UK. She told me to send her a photo. The next day when she got home she was telling me how she had no time to make the pillow but at night when I went to bed, it was there on the bed, looking perfect and everything. (My sister is great at sewing and making stuff btw.) My mum told me the next day about how she came home after work and started making it for me. 

On the day when I had to go back to UK, I honestly felt like crying because I knew I was going to miss my family so much. My sister gave me a spontaneous hug when we were all standing near the hobbiton and said something along the lines of me staying / her coming to visit.  (sorry bad memory)
After going into the departure gates i actually shed a few tears ~haha~

At windowsill pies the day before I left

So here it is, a really personal post dedicated to my sister to let her know how much I appreciate her.

and also to this sister who will never get to use technology, ever.

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