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Friday, 10 April 2015

French Films You Need To Watch!

I don't think many people know, but I am currently learning French during my time in Uni. I have recently discovered that learning languages is a joy! I find them so interesting. (Which made me signed up for Spanish as well) My level of French is nowhere near fluent yet, but so far I can introduce myself, form simple sentences and....book a hotel room? Haha! I bet even little kids speak better than me.

These are the two French films I've watched from my Singapore > Doha > Heathrow flight.

1. Les Vacanes Du Petit Nicolas

I am so glad I pressed play because I enjoyed this movie SO MUCH. There is something funny about every character in the movie. It made me laugh so much and the best part is there are no evil characters ---at all! I hate watching shows with evil characters, maybe because I cannot accept the fact about how some people could be so cold-hearted and despicable. So...yeah. I am a comedy / happy movie kind of person. 

Back to the movie. It's about this character called Nicolas going to a seaside hotel for his summer vacation with his family. The new friends he made, how he tried to trick his dad's friends into leaving early because of this really creepy girl. Which..he found out, was not creepy at all.

The thing that captured my attention most in the movie is the colour scheme. 


If you've noticed, there is a lot of yellow and turquoise! Who knew these colours would go together so well? The hotel and the seaside looks so adorable and quaint. I would love to visit somewhere like this.

Another thing that I liked about the movie was the clothes everyone was wearing.


The clothes reminds me of 60s (sorry if i am wrong, i am no fashion expert.) in one particular scene, Nicolas's mum was even wearing a bather with a floral swim cap. Haha!

2. Lou Journal Infime

Can I just say, Lola Lasseron, the actress who played Lou is SO PRETTY?

This movie is about Lou, a 12 year old girl living with her immature mother. How she deals with her personal problems -- such as obsessively stalking her Tristan (who looks like harry styles btw) and how it all changes once her neighbour Richard moves in.

Lou and her friends


Lou and her best friend

Lou's mother and Richard

Like the first movie I've mentioned, I love the set of this movie and the wardrobe of the characters. Lou's house is filled with whimsical knick nacks, mismatched items which reminds me so much of certain stores in Singapore which I love visiting. (The little drom store & Books Actually.)

Also if you watch this movie you'll realise that 12 year old Lou has a better fashion sense than most of us at that age. She could pull of anything. Even when it's a cross-body bag made out of teddy bears. Not even kidding.


So this is the end of the movies I am recommending! I want to watch more movies like these. Recommendations?

P/s These two movies kinda remind me of movies by Wes Anderson. Such as Moonrise Kingdom. Probably because of how colourful it is and also the clothes the characters are wearing.

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