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Thursday, 8 January 2015


Christmas and New Year is over! My blog has been abandoned for quite awhile so here I am, back!

I am currently enjoying a really long Christmas break in Wales with Tom. I have nothing to do all the way until 1st of Feburary!

We had a really sunny day on the forecast inbetween the rainy days, so Tom's  parents decided to go to Mumbles and we tagged along.

Mumbles is such a cute name for a place! It's located right across the bay from Port Talbot and just a little bit past Swansea.

Lots of cute little houses right across the road, within walking distance from the coast. I love them! Especially the attic windows (not sure what to call it?) and also the pretty white framing on the blue house.

That's the RNLI Boathouse! If I am right, the one with the red roof is the old one and the one next to it is the new one. (I might be completely wrong because I know nothing loool)

We kept walking till we reached the pier, where the boathouse is. I wish we could go into the boathouse because there was a really huge boat inside! There's a "slide" at the other side of the boathouse, facing the sea to let the boat slide into the water easily when needed and I found that super interesting.

I love the details of the metal railings and also the lovely seafoam green/blue (?) colour of it. This reminds me so much of Brighton!

We went into this place called the Beach Hut Cafe and can I just say, LOOK AT HOW AMAZING IT IS?

The chandliers, ceiling fans and the metal structure on the roof. It's so so so pretty.

Ending this post with a photo of one of the breakfasts we ordered.

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