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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

B R I G H T O N: Blackbird Tea Room

Blackbird Tea Room was a place that I immediately started liking once I had set foot into it. It was a place full of character and not like your usual tearooms nowdays, which is usually decorated with a million buntings and flower pom poms. It was crowded when we got in and had to wait but not long after Natasha and I got a table upstairs. 

I really love the interior of Blackbird Tearoom. Look at that lovely bird print wallpaper and the pattern of the glass of the windows! Everything in here makes me feel "so english".

Natasha recommended that I should try the scone here, so we ordered cream tea. It's scone served with clotted cream, jam and tea.

It was indeed one of the best scones I've ever tasted! It was kinda soft, like a bread's texture. Usually scones I've tried are always tol hard and dry. My faith in scones have been restored once again! I'm not sure if the jam is homemade but it made thes scone taste even more delicious. 

As we were here for lunch, we also ordered two mains. Natasha had whole wheat toast with poached egg and avacado while I had the classic eggs benedict.

Look at how perfect this poached egg was! If that photo wasn't enough, look at the next one.

Bright golden liquidy egg yolk inside!!! 

We visited Blackbird again after a few days because I couldn't resist. All I could think about was those delicious poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. 

This time I opted for eggs royale, which is similar to eggs benedict but with smoked salmon instead of ham and it tasted just as delicious! If not, even better.

I can't wait till I go back to Brighton again because I want to dine in here again. Blackbird Also serves afternoon tea! Mini-cakes and sandwiches! I am so up for that.

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