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Friday, 23 January 2015

A Hug In A Bowl

If people say drinking tea is like having a hug in a mug then eating porridge would be a hug in a bowl to me. In the UK, porridge usually means oats cooked with milk, water or both. In Singapore, we refer to that as oatmeal. Porridge to us, is cooking rice with water for a long time until the grains of the rice have become very soft.

I like to eat porridge when having dim sum or when I am sick but I have never been the kind of person who would choose have just porridge as a  meal because it doesn't keep my tummy filled up for long enough and I would look for more food after an hour or two.

I haven't had porridge for ages and I was craving for it so I called my mother over Skype and asked her about how to cook some.

I never knew making good porridge can be so easy! 

To start, you need:
- 1/2 cup of rice
- 1 teaspoon of oil

Put your rice in a pot, add the teaspoon of oil into it and mix everything so every grain of rice is covered with oil. Leave it aside for at least 10 minutes. You can even leave it overnight if you want to!  
(This is the most important step to getting the right texture of porridge. If you skip this, your porridge will not be nice and soft.)

When cooking: 

Fill the pot with water, use your finger to measure, the height of the water should be half of your index finger!

Set fire to medium heat and let it boil. 

Remember to stir your porridge, if not it will stick to the bottom of the pot and burn! 

Add some salt into your porridge, unless you want it to taste bland. 

When all the water is gone and your porridge begins to thicken, it is ready! 

*Tip: My mother told me if I put a ceramic spoon in the pot, it will help the process of your porridge to be smoothier and softer while cooking. 


Ways to make it tastier:

- Use chicken stock and a bit of water to add flavour.

- Feel free to add ingredients in your porridge! Things like chicken, fish, fishcakes, pork, peanuts and century egg are common ingredients you can find in your porridge in Singapore.

- Prepare a little oil in a pan, chop some garlic and fry it with a bit of sesame oil. This will make your porridge really fragrant!

- Garnish porridge with pepper, soy sauce and spring onions.

Making porridge is really easy, I would say it is a recipe that is impossible to screw up if you remember to stir it occasionally! Ingredients stated does not have to be exact, feel free to increase lr decrease it to your liking. For me, i don't usually measure. 

Have fun! 

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