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Monday, 1 December 2014

B R I G H T O N // Bert's Homestore

I visited Brighton last month! 

I spent five days in Brighton and got to visited so many places. Thanks to my friend Natasha who lives there! Without her I wouldn't have a bed or someone to bring me around the lovely city.

Brighton was fairly easy to get to from Birmingham. The only change I have to make is from Euston to Victoria, which i didn't mind at all. 

London, Victoria

It was dark by the time I arrived in Brighton. Major reason why I dislike winter!!!

Got up the next day to explore Brighton! The forecast said it would rain but it was sunny instead so that made us really happy!

That's Natasha!

Brighton was full of interesting shops, cafes, tea rooms and places to eat. Five days wasn't enough!
There were also a lot of vintage stores, such as the one in the photo above selling second hand sweaters coats and other things.

This was one of my favourite stores! Inside, they sell lots of lovely homewares, things for children and everyday items. 

PRETTY MUGS. My kind of place.

If I lived in Brighton I would probably shop here majority of the time and my entire house would be decorated with bits and pieces from Bert's Homestore. The cards they sold were so pretty and cute and it is cheaper than those boring cards sold at Tesco! They had really cute wrapping papers as well, almost too cute to be used to wrap stuff. Look at the human skeleton piece! That could be used as a wall decoration!

More cute stuff. Thankfully, some of these items can be purchased on ebay/amazon. So that makes me happy!

I've visited too many places and this post would be super lengthy if I didn't break it up. So hang on for more Brighton posts! 

Till then!



  1. Omggg I have yet to visit Brighton! :(

    1. You definitely NEED to visit Brighton. I hope to go back again, maybe in the summer! Brighton has been so perfect I wish I lived there. You'll know when you visit!!