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Sunday, 26 October 2014



This is the second time Marissa and I have planned to meet and of all places, it's in Birmingham, England. She is the first ever Singapore friend that I've met in the UK. It feels so weird to be speaking Singlish over here, it makes me feel so foreign. It also makes me feel so comfortable and nostalgic in a way.

I introduced Marissa to the Waterstones in New Street. I knew she'd like it! It's huge and housed inside this really old building. I am a sucker for architecture like these. 

We had Yo! Sushi for dinner. THANK GOD FOR STUDENT DISCOUNT. 

Introduced her to the old buildings of Birmingham.

The rag market, where we found one of our favourite POKKA brand tea.  ..and also saw one of the most good looking butcher, ever.

A sweet shop at the Great Western Arcade that plays Scooby doo songs and sold lots of different sweets.

Took loads of public transport.

and explored the city.

Found a really great wall.

and a vintage shop.
A hipster's dreamland. 

Marissa is back in Lincoln now! I wish she could've stayed longer. 
I hope to meet her again someday. 


  1. I love you ♡ ♡ thanks for the great weekend! #MARCY

    1. hahahha thank :') sorry i made you walk so much..