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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


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This is my room back in Singapore. 

That's my polaroids of people I've met and places I've traveled to. A jar which I put my money in to save for travel, a dish I've recieved as a gift from a friend in Copenhagen, a picture i took of the one of the prettiest beach where I surfed for the first time ever. A fake plant..because not everyone is good at keeping them alive. A photo of me when I was young and feeling really terrified because there was a koala beside me. The Postal Service's Vinyl, A nutcracker from Berlin, a photo of me sand Sugar, an autographed poster of All Time Low from when I first met them.

I kinda miss my room.

I kinda miss my home. 

I kinda miss Sugar, my mother, sister and my dad. I miss coming home to a table full of food, even though I complain all the time about the experimental dishes my dad would cook. I've learnt that cooking for people isn't an easy task and I should be appreciating what my dad have been doing for us.

I kinda miss these tall buildings. There are barely any here. Go to the ninth floor and you can see the whole city right below you. 

I also kinda miss my friends

Not just the ones shown in those photos, but everyone I've met before I left.

I guess everyone will miss home, even if it's not all the time. No matter how much you complain, how much you declare your "hate" for your hometown, you will eventually miss it one day.

I have been thinking and missing home a lot recently, every time I do, I can't help but to shed a few tears. I know this all sounds a little too dramatic, but it's true.

I do miss home. I really do.

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