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Saturday, 11 October 2014


Laura and I went to Himley Park today.

Before we went to the park, we stopped by a pub for all you can eat breakfast!

It's at a pub called The Bulls Head. The breakfast was £5.00 with coffee and tea included, what a great deal! Now most people wouldn't expect much from a £5.00 "all-you-can-eat", but we were pleasantly surprised by the food we got.

There were sausages, beans, toast, scrambled eggs, hash-browns, mushrooms and bacon! I love scrambled eggs so much, can you just imagined how good it looked with a whole big pot of it right there looking at me?!

The breakfast was so worth it because I wasn't hungry till 6pm.

After the breakfast we made our way to Himley with the dogs. It was my first time wearing my wellies out, I was so happy! Being able to walk around without worrying if your shoes will get wet or muddy is so great.

These are from Wolf & York, tom got me them! I really love the wellies from joules but they are so expensive.

Himley park this time round was even prettier than the last time we went. There are so many more trees changing colours and shedding.

This tree was so pretty, looked like it was on fire!

This spotted leaf looks so cute to me. Apparently it's a disease caused by either fungi or bacteria and will cause trees to shed it's leaves.

Such lovely shades of red.

The road into the car-park was lined with purple, green and orangey trees and it was so pretty.

It is so much colder now and I have been shopping for proper winter clothes. I've been spending quite a bit and I really need to stop. It's really hard to get a job here... I hope to be able to work soon and earn some money for myself because I feel really bad spending so much money.

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  1. I want to go exploring with you one day! :)

    1. Yes please! I still think we should take a train to somewhere and explore one day :-D