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Sunday, 12 October 2014


Few months ago I ordered my free sample of Graze box. 

The box was delivered within the week and I was rather pleased with that I received!

Inside my box, there was Pomodoro Rustichella, Toffee Apple, Fruit & Seed Flapjack and Slightly Sweet Popping Corn.


The first one I tried was Toffee Apple.

It tasted delicious! This was also my favourite out of all the other three. Before I opened the package, I would've expected the apple inside to be dry and crispy, but I was wrong! They were hydrated and slightly chewy, no idea how Graze did this but I really enjoyed it.

Second item I tired from my Graze box, Pomodoro Rustichella.

I enjoyed this too, it tasted like tomato biscuits and the almonds in it were soooo delicious.

Inside was biscuit sticks, almonds and croutons. 


The third item I tried was the fruit & nut flapjack, which I didn't really like. It was too sweet and I felt like my throat was going to die. No photos of it because I ate it outside!

The last item from my box. It took me so long to actually want to eat popcorn... two months to be exact, hence the different bedsheets.

This is what you get after you open the plastic packaging. Love the fonts, how attractive can a bag of popcorn be?!

Honestly wasn't expecting that I'll be getting a lot of popcorn from this bag, afterall it's meant to be healthy snacking...right?

Wrong! This was what the bag looked like after two minutes in the microwave.
(Okay i know things will puff up in the microwave but..)

I really did got a lot of popcorn, a full bag of it! Some of it wasn't even popped. 

I'm not a fan of this popcorn, I like my popcorn to be super sweet and super crunchy. This was really just slightly sweet, it was crunchy but not enough for me.

My conclusion is that if you have a lot of money to spend, not know what to do and want some healthy snacks, it's worth ordering from Graze. The first box is free!

I've also recieved some vouchers for my 'friends' to redeem one free box.

Oh also, if you do order a sample from Graze, don't forget to cancel the next delivery after you've recieved what you ordered. If you don't they'll just keep sending you boxes and charging you for it!

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