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Monday, 15 September 2014


Over the weekend I went back to Wales to spend some time with Tom.

I went there on Thursday and returned to Birmingham on Sunday noon. The four days flew by quickly!

Tom got me from the train station on Thursday, we got pizza from Pizza Factory and drove back home. We only ever order pizza from Pizza Factory in Port Talbot! It's the best pizza I've eaten so far. I'm talking about the non-restaurant kind of pizza. My all time favourite (the only flavour I ever eat) is Big Island BBQ, thin crust. BBQ based with bacon, pineapple and garlic.

I love them so much I'm thinking about it right now lol. There was this one time where we had pizza so many week in a row. It was awesome.


Got Mcdonalds breakfast the next morning and then followed Tom to work. Went on a little adventure to look for deers and I found so many of them. They are such pretty creatures! I wish they would let me close to them.. The most I would do is to stare at them up close because they are so magnificent.

Went for another hike afterwards, this time into the woods and up the hill.

On the way there I found a lot of feathers... which was quite odd. Because they were all in the same place.

So pretty. I love nature so much!

Found more deers! Which all ran away.. again. 

Tom fed me well! I had chips with baked beans and cheese over it and also apple juice which tasted delicious!!

Went to the cinema to watch Sex Tape afterwards, great decision because it was hilarious! I enjoyed the movie a lot. I don't know why slightly crude comedies makes me so happy.


Third day was spend lazing around and going to the beach.  Got some treats from Greggs!

and I'm still craving for my yamyams now...

Dinner was chinese takeaway! Fried rice and crispy beef seems to be my thing now. I should really try something new.

Happy times sure flies by quickly because before I knew it, it was Sunday and time to leave.

The journey back was pretty quick, switched at Cardiff, had snacks on the train -- I was really excited about this lol.

and now.. I am back in my room.

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