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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Almost Forgot

I have been wanting to update my blog after my first week in UK but I don't know why I never got around to doing it.

I can't believe it's been only three weeks since I arrived because it definitely feels longer than that. The first two weeks was spent in Wales. It has only been a week since I moved over to Dudley. I'm starting to get used to staying here but sometimes when I think about it, I still feel slightly weird... to know that I will be staying here for ages.

While in Wales:

I tried Oreo ice cream. I have to say, I like this better than normal Oreos.

Picked Berries

I was saying how I've never picked berries before and Tom's parents were kind enough to bring me go pick some. Picking berries was hard work and I have to admit I'm not the best at picking berries. Everyone was moving onto the second container but I was still on my first one... opps.

Not to mention the amount of thorns that pricked me and seeds that stuck to my clothes.

(Blackberries and Dewberries)

I saw my first ladybug :-)


and not forgetting the pretty scenery I saw while berry picking.

tried toffee crisp for the first time


Everyone told me it was Lavender, if this isn't correct please put them in jail.

The day came and it was finally time for me to move to Dudley... Spent the morning packing things, making loads of trip to and fro Tom's car. Most of my things were finally cleared from his room and his car looked like:

This looks like a lot but trust me, it's not. Considering that I came all the way from Singapore and I had to handpick 20 years worth of things that I want to bring with me.

After arriving in Dudley we headed to IKEA to purchase a desk, drawers and some other bits and bobs.

Tom was so sweet and patient with helping me set up my room. I screwed up the drawers and was starting to get annoyed.. but in the end it was all sorted with the help of Adam, Laura and Tom. My room is finally done and I definitely feel more at home with my room decorated the way I preferred.

Tom went back to Wales the next day and I have been here for a week since.

I managed to take the bus to the train station by myself and then the train to Birmingham and then walk to Uni. This may sound like nothing because I'm sure everyone would think things like that is easy, especially in Singapore.

Sure it was easy enough to get to the bus station and the train station but the journey always get me so stressed out and annoyed because of rude, disgusting men saying hi to me. No, it was not in a friendly way. They say it in such a way that makes me feel creeped out, disgusted, scared and angry. I mean, who are you? Who the hell are you to make me feel like this?

It's the first day of Uni orientation tomorrow! Can I just say I am nervous about the journey to Uni and not the orientation itself?

Right now I am sitting in my chair and suffering from the consequences of over eating. I feel like dying because my tummy is sooooo bloated.

.. also a really irrelevant fact: my cooking skills is increasing by heaps and bounds, so far I have tried making Carbonara and Sweet corn soup for the first time ever and they taste so good.


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