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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Marina Bay Sands // A very advanced birthday // KU DÉ TA

This week, I had the pleasure of staying at Marina Bay Sands for the first time, all thanks to my mother who booked this room!

View from the 9th floor. 

The room I stayed at was located at Tower 2, on the 9th floor. Upon arriving at the hotel's lobby, we did the standard things like checking in, getting our key cards, etc. It was a little tricky getting our key cards to work in the lift. The buttons wouldn't work unless we slotted them in... and sometimes the key cards didn't work and very often there'll be a group of hotel guests standing in the lift, confused about why it's not moving.

When I entered the room I was impressed! I've never stayed at such an expensive hotel like this before. Inside the room, it was really, really spacious. We had a balcony and directly outside is the view of the Super Trees beside Gardens By The Bay. There was two double beds in the room, a chair for lounging, desk, TV, wardrobes, toilet, side table and mannnny more.

Entrance of the room

View from the entrance

Toilet with two sinks, bath and shower on the right, toilet bowl on the left.

Bath tub! The shower area is the empty space beside, which we didn't realise till after awhile lol!

After dropping our bags in the room my parents, Marcia and I went to check out the rooftop. The key card only allows one person to enter the pool area so Marcia and I had to stay outside.

The rest of my friends came and we headed up to Ku Dé Ta. I would have never thought of entering Ku Dé Ta ever, lol. It's amazing how the vibe of the whole place is so different as compared to night time. Everyone was dressed super casual and just hanging around, drinking, chatting, some smoking. We got three drinks! Blushing Baby ($28) , Passion...something ($28) (i forgot) and a Coconut juice ($11), which was served in a real coconut, yay!

We were served complimentary crisps, which tasted amazing when it was in my mouth for the first few seconds....till the wasabi flavour started to sink in. Not a fan, sorry. Ordered some fries ($8) which tasted so good???

Passion / Blushing Baby / Coconut Juice / Fries  *names are not 100% accurate*

Hung around there, took ten million photos, chatted a little and went back to the room. Jasmine and I got changed and we went to the pool! You should know by now no one really swims at Marina Bay Sand's infinity pool. It's also really hard to get a sun chair to chill or put your stuff because it's ALWAYS occupied. Returned to the room after the sun has set.

I forgot to mention, my mum gave me a little surprise back in the hotel room! She prepared a cake for me to celebrate my birthday. I'm turning 21 this year and she won't be able to celebrate it with me so that's why. I kinda figured out that she was planning this though, haha! But I'm really happy that she did this for me because it was what I had in mind, to pre-celebrate my birthday with a few of my friends and family.

Niece, Mum and I.

The next morning I was left in the room because my mum and sister had to go work. Ordered room service for the first time ever. I've never been the person to order room service because of how expensive it is, kinda like robbing me off my money. Also I've learnt that the menu can be deceiving, it sounded like I was going to be offered a feast but when the items came.... I was slightly disappointed. My eggs wasn't poached, it was cooked and the mushrooms was served in a bowl..... with all the black juices collecting at the bottom of the bowl, which made it looked a little disgusting. The food tasted alright though. After that being said, I'd definitely think twice before ordering room service haha.

Morning swim, the pool opens from 6am!

Room service: English breakfast // Buttermilk pancakes

It was a great experience staying at Marina Bay Sands and I would definitely stay there again if I ever got the opportunity to. There are so many things I haven't tried yet, like using the Bayan Tree Gym, dining at Ku Dé Ta, etc.
I'm not saying that I love Singapore, but there are times when I'm really grateful that I'm here instead of somewhere else. It's easy to forget how pretty this city can be when I'm spending most of my days commuting to and fro in crowded trains.

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