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Saturday, 23 August 2014


I found a piece of wood at the beach and I wanted to do something with it, this popped into my mind! I googled it and saw that a bunch of other people did it too, so why not? Plus, it's also a cute way to display and store your accessories. 

Things you'll need:
A piece of wood.
( I found mine at the beach)
Cup Hooks

Get your materials ready and start to decorate your wood the way you like it. I used an egg tray as my palette because I didn't have any proper ones.

Prepare some water by the side to soften your brushes / wash them.

Use the tape as a guide to keep the paint neat.  

After your paint have dried, get ready the cup hooks. You can place them on the ground and see how you want it to be spaced and then use some tape as a guide.

Use a hammer and nail to knock holes into the wood first to make the screwing of cup hooks easier.

After you're done, wrap some rope around both ends of the wood so you can hang it up! 
If you don't like the rope you can screw some hooks at the back of the stick so you can hang it up the wall.

Feel free to do this in whatever way you prefer! You don't have to follow my exact instructions. 
If you don't have paint, you can even use thread to decorate by wrapping them around the wood!

Happy DIY-ing!

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