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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Keep on reading if you love Xiao Long Baos!
Today I'm gonna introduce all of you to my all time favourite Xiao Long Bao stall! Not only does it tastes super good, it also won't burn a hole in your wallet. 

Many people I know enjoy eating Xiao Long Baos. It's almost always a must have when visiting any dim sum place. What are they? They're steamed buns usually filled with pork! It's called "xiao long" because of the little steaming baskets they're steamed in. 

You can get Xiao Long Baos at a few places in Singapore. At Din Tai Fung, you can get Xiao Long Baos filled with pork and crab meat. But of course the cost is.... 

This stall is located in the Hawker at Chinatown Complex. To get to Chinatown Complex, you can take the MRT to Chinatown and walk from there.

One reason why I like the Xiao Long Baos by this stall is because they're freshly made. 

These Xiao Long Baos are only steamed when someone orders them. Most of the time when I visit the stall, I'll see the owners making fresh ones. 

10 of these for $5.50! Where else can you get such a good deal? 

After ordering you'll have to wait about 5 minutes for them to be ready. These $5.50 Xiao Long Baos definitely won't disappoint you. The fillings are generous, the skin is just the right amount of thickness and after the first bite the delicious gravy from the baos come oozing out!

If Xiao Long Baos are not your thing, they also serve dumplings and a variety of different noodles.

They're located at #02-135!