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Monday, 4 August 2014

2 Weeks ! ! !

Time is passing by way too quickly! It is now two weeks until I move over to UK and live there for three years. I've been cutting down my hours at work drastically and meeting friends more often. Last week I went to Bombay Bicycle Club's gig and they were so great live! The vibe their music gave was just too good. To top off how great the gig was, I got to meet the band after the show!

The lads of Bombay Bicycle Club are one of the nicest people I've ever met. They didn't have to stay out after the show to entertain us concert-goers but they did. I got to chat a little bit with Ed Nash and Jamie MacColl. I would've stood there and chatted as long as I could if I didn't have to leave.


Not sure if everyone else is like me, I always notice the lighting display during gigs/concerts, they are just too pretty!!!


I've been going around Singapore and trying out things I've always wanted to do/eat/see. One of it was eating at "The Yellow Submarine". Other than the 'submarines' they offer, there isn't anything special to it. They do offer fries drenched in nacho cheese sauce, which I love! (Still not enough to win me over as a frequent customer.)

I had the sub with beef in it, the beef was so tender and the onions inside goes really well with it. However... I felt that the subs were a little bit too small in size. I'm someone with a small appetite but I can imagine how other people would have to eat two of those subs to fill up their tummies.

Another thing I tried was "Tai Parfait". I didn't even knew this thing existed, but I do now and I AM SO GLAD. If you ever find yourself at the basement of Bugis Junction, visit this store! Because of how bad I am with words and description, here is a photo to help you with what "Tai Parfait" is.

- You choose a combination you want
- Then you choose the type of filling you want in your 'fish' (Matcha, Red bean, Custard, Chocolate)

I'm not a fan of Matcha, Red bean or Custard so I'm only left with one option :-(   My Tai Parfait was the strawberry cream combination. It's filled with my choice of filling (chocolate) and then topped with strawberry whipped cream, a strawberry on top with chocolate drizzle and a pocky stick.

It costs about $4 and if you ask me, this is so much more worth purchasing as compared to a tiny macaron for $3.50!!! But of course everyone have their own preference to what they want / like to spend money on and how much they like something.

... Which brings me to this thought I had in my mind for a long, long time. 

It irks me so much when I write about how sad I am or tell someone how tired I am and they reply me with something like that:  
Other people are having it worst.
No, I am more tired than you.

First of all, there will always be 'other people' having it worst. There will always be someone out there, somewhere, having it worst than me. I can be sad about losing a $10 note and someone could come telling me, but my pet hamster just died I feel sadder than you. See the thing is, the significance of sadness is different to every individual. To me, my $10 may mean so much more to me than your pet hamster and vice versa. I can feel tired after mopping the floor and you can feel just as tired after climbing 3 flights of steps, but do we really know how "tired" the other is feeling?

It is difficult to measure and compare things like emotions and what someone is feeling physically, so please stop comparing!!! What are you trying to prove anyway? We're not fighting for a medal and.... it is annoying.

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