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Thursday, 17 July 2014



This blog is one of my 'little projects' to document my life for the next few months, or even years.

In a month's time my life will be changing drastically, I'll be moving to the UK. This is something I've been wanting since I was 17 and I can't believe that it's finally going to happen! (If everything goes smoothly)

It wasn't until May this year that thought of me actually leaving Singapore made me think. As much as I love UK, trying to live in a country where I did not grow up in will not be easy. I have been thinking about the things, places and people I will miss in Singapore and it made me feel weird inside because all I can see is my teenage self screaming: 

One thing that occupies a major part of my thought would be having to leave my precious dog, Sugar. I really do hope that she will still be well and healthy when I visit, even though I sort of mentally prepared myself that there would be a day when she wouldn't be there anymore. Thinking of that kills me.

To prepare for my move to UK, I have been tidying my room and putting things away. Planning to meet certain friends whom I care a lot about and stuff like that.

It really is weird thinking of all these.

Till then.

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